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Measuring and Visualization

  • Online view
  • History of consumption
  • Parameters: Frequency, voltage, current, active power, reactive power
  • Analysis

MAV-E - Electricity consumption

All energy consumption parameters obtained by indirect measurement are wirelessly transmitted and processed. Thanks to indirect measurement and wireless data transmission, the installation is easy and does not require any intervention in the existing wiring. The application allows you to view and filter the stored data as desired.

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Data collection - connection structure

Communication modules can be wirelessly connected via an RF network or locally via Ethernet. The data is processed in the control module or directly in the SCADA application. The data is stored on a SQL server. Data visualization is available through SCADA or PHP for easy access.

MAV-G - Gas consumption

By installing a communication module on the gas meter, we obtain real-time data on current consumption. Including this data in the application provides maximum overview and a record of the progress of each consumption point.

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