Spreading table, measuring, cutting out defects

  • Spreading table with moving belt
  • Variable length
  • Roll lifter
  • Laser systems

ST - Spreading table with measuring and cutting defects

The spreading table is used for layering fabrics unrolled from a roll according to the required length and number of layers. Any defects in the fabric are cut out using a end-catcher. After the spreading process is completed, the layers are manually moved by belt to the cutting plotter. Switching the spreading table to automatic mode ensures automatic synchronized feeding.

LRD - Lifting roles device

Pneumatic pistons facilitate handling when changing rolls. The side stops can be adapted to the width of the roll. The role is maintained at the desired height.

Laser line systems

Line lasers show the exact position for aligning the laid fabric on the table. A laser controlled by a pneumatic piston changes the alignment of the fabric to the side of the table or to its center. The exact width of the fabric is then adjusted by a second laser using a stepper motor.

Central conveyors

  • Automatic stop
  • Smooth gradual start / immediate stop
  • Slide
  • Elevation

Central conveyors

The conveyor system ensures the transport of all covers from the hall. Automatic steering will prevent overcrowding of roads. The ends of the conveyors are equipped with photocells for immediate stopping.

Pressing of ISOFIX buttons

  • Automatic rotation
  • Checking the presence of the establishment
  • Variable distance
  • Barcode reading with automatic program settings
  • Pressing control including measuring device

IFP - Isofixpresse

Two pressing heads with automatic rotation setting. Vaccum keep button in the right position during movement.

Riveting station

  • 2D check of the riveting position
  • Automatic tilting of the riveting tool
  • Checking the achievement of the riveting force
  • Production history record

Roof riveting station - Škoda Octavia

Linear product feeder. The riveting head moving along a shaped rail ensures precise inclination when pressing 3D parts.